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views across time:

Selections from the Charting the Canyon project by Mark Klett and Byron Wolfe
The photography professors spent two summers at Grand Canyon, re-imagining points of view of earlier photographers and artists. Inspired by William Holmes' intricate drawings, Thomas Moran's paintings, and J.K. Hillers' photographs, Klett and Wolfe added their own perspectives, historical understanding, and sense of fun to create their own beautiful and engaging works.. Enjoy the creative process by watching the videos below, or visit the Klett and Wolfe website.

Desert View: ASU Art Professor Mark Klett talks about superimposing a historic postcard photo over the actual view from the visitor center window at Desert View, Grand Canyon.  Interviewed by Yolonda Youngs, ASU.

People on the Edge: ASU Art Professor Mark Klett talks about a collage he created of historical stereograph photos of people peering over the abyss of the Grand Canyon.  The collage is designed to appear as a continuous linear view from the rim, but in fact is a creative construction by the artist from old photos taken at a wide variety of locations and times.  Interviewed by Paul Hirt, ASU.

Point Sublime: Arizona State University Art Professor Mark Klett talks about his work piecing together historic and contemporary paintings and photographs into a composite view from Point Sublime, Grand Canyon.  Klett worked on this composite with his photography colleague Byron Wolfe.  Interviewed by Paul Hirt, ASU.

South Rim at El Tovar: Art Professor Mark Klett talks about his re-photography work at the Grand Canyon where 19th century artist Thomas Moran painted a view from the South Rim near the El Tovar Hotel.

Transcept Canyon: ASU Art Professor Mark Klett talks about re-photographing a mysterious painting by Moran and Holmes of Transcept Canyon on the Grand Canyon's North Rim. Interviewed by Paul Hirt, ASU.

Yavapai Point: ASU Professor of Art Mark Klett talks about his re-photography work at Yavapai Point on Grand Canyon's South Rim where he and his colleague Byron Wolfe integrated photographs taken over different periods of time by different photographers into a composite image.  Photographers in this compilation include: Alvin Langdon Coburn (1911), Ansel Adams (1940s), a cyanotype from the Detroit Publishing Company, and contemporary photos by Klett and Wolfe. Interviewed by Paul Hirt, ASU.